Projects under study

Project for re-operation and development of gas cylinders factory in the industrial complex “Al-Rabeta” by partnership with the Turkish Sankor Company specializing in this field and this project aims at developing the gas cylinders factory for achieving high production capacities to cover the local market and the export to abroad.

Project for re-operation and development of the two rubber and plastic workshops in each of in the industrial complex “Al-Rabeta” and the industrial complex / Esbeia by partnership with the Tunisian mechanical unity company where this project aims at manufacturing of the rubber spare parts and various plastic products.

A joint investment project with the Hungarian (DKG) company where his project aims at the establishment of a joint company in the field of oil industries in the industrial complex “Al-Rabeta” through carrying out the maintenance operations for the oil equipment especially the various valves and also the production of certain types and sizes thereof locally.