Complexes & Factories

The Industrial Complex / Gharian

The industrial complex / Gharian was established in 1987 on an area of a land estimated for 150 hectares in Al-Rabeta Area which is about 70 Kilometers far from city of Tripoli, and the complex contains a number of the most huge industrial workshops in North Africa where it contains the biggest industrial workshop in the field of metal forming of cutting, bending, rolling, welding and other works which are executed by huge machines of high production capacities and capabilities reaching to 20 meters long and 110 mm thick, in the field of flame cutting and knife cutting machines whose capacity reaches to 11 meters long and 12 mm thickness and so the bending machines and rolling machines which roll the sheets of thickness up to 25 mm and a length of 3.2 meters for the circular cylinder.

Furthermore, this workshop is provided with plasma cutting machines and there are, in the workshop, five types of welding starting from the arc welding ARC, MIU, TIG, Spot welding and so the immersed welding and the workshop is provided with a big number of movable upper lifts of capacity from 5 tons to 480 tons, and the workshop produces both light and heavy industries.

There are also in the complex a line for re-construction and maintenance of the chain provided with presses, immersed welding machine and all dismantling and installation equipment.

Pipes Manufacturing Line

There are in the complex, an automatic line for producing the metal pipes by rolling and cold forming with diameters ranging from 1 inch to 1.25, 1.5, 2.00 inches and a thickness not exceeding 2 mm, and this line is capable to produce the pipes of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper pipes and other metals with a production capacity reaching 250 tons per month.

Mechanical Works

The complex contains the mechanical works workshop which concerns with many of the specialties related to the mechanical processes such as cutting, drilling, lathing, indexing, grinding and other micro works where this workshop contains a big number of lathing machines whose length reaches to 5 meters and diameters reaching to 3 meters, and the workshop is provided with a big number of drills of multi heads, and it is distinguished with the indexing machines and programmed lathing (CNC) for small and big sizes.

Foundry (Casting) and Forging:

First: Casting
The complex contains a workshop for casting of metals where the workshop was provided with and automatic casting line which melt and pour the cast and steel iron, it has automatic casting lines:
* First: Allocated for cast iron with a production capacity of 350 sand mould / hour.
* Second: Allocated for steel iron with a production capacity of 250 sand mould / hour.
Where the workshop contains No. (4) self induction melting furnaces, two of which with a capacity of 16 tons and two of which with a capacity of 8 tons, and there are in the workshop, a furnace for preservation and storage of the molten metal with a capacity reaching to 45 tons.

The sand moulds are prepared and been put on the automatic casting line and the molten metal is poured in the moulds by the automatic casting system till the products comes out on a movable belt.

The dimensions of the sand moulds vary where they reach to 60 cm X 48 cm X 350 cm
And the workshop contains the patterns preparation section, the sand preparation section, testing unit and so the final finishing and painting unit.

Second: Forging
The complex contains a workshop for casting and forging of the steel iron where there are, in this workshop, a melting durance or arc system with a capacity 4.6 tons and the melted metal is poured in moulds to form iron blocks where after that these blocks are heated in special furnaces to a certain temperature and then the forging process starts by big air hammers for producing steel iron bars starting with diameters from 30 mm to 200 mm and lengths reaching to 3 meters, and these parts are used in manufacturing the special and normal spare parts and the production capacity of this workshop reaches to 5000 tons per year in addition to the existence of furnaces for the heat and surface treatment.

Technical Services

The complex contains a set of technical units which provides the production workshop with the energy necessary for production, represented in:

  • No. (5) underground water wells with a production capacity of 90 m3 / hr.
  • Water treatment plant – reversible osmotic pressure system with a capacity 210 m3/hr.
  • A plant for producing the liquefied oxygen gas of capacity at 50 m3/hr.
  • Compressed air generation plant where it contains 3 generators with a production capacity of 1590 m3.
  • Electricity distribution station with a power (15 megawatt) with three lines of a power 11 KV and No. (2) electric transformers.
  • Water cooling land with capacity 200 m3/hr.
  • Liquefied Propane gas distribution plant with a storage capacity of 110 tons.
  • There are, in the complex, a workshop for general mechanical, electrical and electronic maintenance.
  • In addition to the firefighting and early alarm units connected with the majority of the workshops in the complex.
  • There are also, in the complex, three main stores with a total area of 13000 square meters for the raw materials and operation necessities, and also a store for the final product provided with the upper lifts and the best handling means.