Metals Welding and Forming

Sheets are prepared, formed and welded with various sizes, dimensions and types and the equipment which suit the nature of the works have been made available such as:

  1. Cutting the sheets up to thickness of 120 mm and a length reaches to 15000 mm.
  2. Bending of the sheets up to a thickness of 12 mm with a length reaches to 1000.
  3. Rolling of the sheets up to a thickness of 25 mm.
  4. Presses of various sizes and types with a capacity of some up to 1000 tons.
  5. Welding by various methods and technologies such as welding by carbon dioxide, argon gas, immersed arc and normal electric arc.
  6. Metal pipes manufacturing line (carbon iron, stainless steel, copper and titanium) with diam. From 0.5 – 2 inches and a thickness from 1 – 2 mm and the longitudinal welding is made for these pipes by argon gas.
  7. The various painting units.