Gas Cylinders Factory

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It is a factory specialized for the production of gas cylinders according to the most up to date specifications internationally applied, and the factory produces the cylinders with various capacities including:

  • Cylinder of 5 Liters capacity – weight of 2 Kg.
  • Cylinder of 26.5 Liters capacity – weight of 11 Kg.
  • Cylinder of 37.5 Liters capacity – weight of 1 Kg

The production capacity of the factory reaches 145,000 cylinders per year and it is in the development stage, and the factory contains a set of production units including:

  • Cutting unit: where the coils of 10 ton weight are speared and cut after the sheets passes the adjustment and leveling unit for cutting the body of the cylinder and accessories thereof.
  • Deep withdrawing unit; where the coils are spread and cut to form the body of the cylinder with various sizes and capacities.
  • Cutting and storage unit: where the bottom part of the cylinder body is cut and peforated.
  • Bending and forming: where the accessories of the cylinder body are formed.
  • Numbering unit: where the number units made and the commercial trade is put on the cylinder.
  • Welding units: including the washing, drying and the valve neck welding unit, cylinder body accessories welding unit and cylinder body welding unit.
  • Final finishing units: contains the heat treatment furnace, hydrostatic pressure testing unit, steel balls cleaning unit in addition to the zinc coating and metal painting unit.