Foundry & Forging

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  1. Foundry

    The complexes belonged to the company include the metal foundry workshops where these workshops were provided with automatic foundry lines which melt and cast and pouring of the cast iron with a production capacity of 350 sand dies per hour and the steel iron with a production capacity of 250 sand dies per hour and so the lines of pouring the non ferric materials such as copper and aluminum.

    These workshops also contain many of melting furnaces by self induction system with capacities reaching up to 16 tons and there are, in the workshops, furnaces for preservation and storage of the melted metal with a capacity reaches to 45 tons.

    The sand dies are prepared and automatically been put on the foundry line and the melted metal is poured in the dies by the automatic pouring system till the products get out from a movable belt.

    The dimensions of the sand dies are different where they reach to 60 cm X 48 cm X 350 cm and the workshop contains the patterns preparation section, sand preparation section, testing unit and the final finishing & painting unit.

  2. Forging

    The complex contains workshops for casting and forging of the steel iron where these workshops contains a melting furnace with arc system with a capacity of 4.6 tons and the melted metal is poured in dies to form iron blocks where these blocks are latter heated in special furnaces to a certain temperature and then the forging operation starts by big air hammers for producing iron bars with diam. starting from 20 mm to 40 mm and lengths reaching to 3 meters, and these bars are used in manufacturing of the special and ordinary spare parts, and the production capacity of this workshop reaches to 5000 tons / year in addition to the availability of the special furnaces for thermal and service treatment in addition to the technology of manufacturing the nuclei and manufacturing of the wooden and metallic patterns used in the casting operation.